Silvertone Consulting started in early 2018 to help rising companies tell their brand story and make an impact on their customers.

We help you think differently about where your business, industry, and brand is and where it should be going. We sharpen your senses to anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead, so you're not blindsided by a changing market.

We help you differentiate your brand and tell its story more deeply, authentically, and strategically. You'll understand with greater clarity the key dynamics of change that are impacting your brand in order to shape your point of differentiation with greater confidence.

Our clients range from new and emerging brands to more established ones — across multiple categories.

Silvertone Consulting was founded in early 2018 by Scott Kerr, a seasoned global marketer and strategist. He saw that today, a successful company is not just about the product or experience, but it’s about the story. Brand is the biggest differentiator that can

drive growth.


Throughout his career, Scott has worked with a number of industry giants and startups on brand strategy, consumer insights, and digital transformation. He has held senior executive positions at some of the top ad agencies, media companies, and consumer brands including Time Inc., Pepsi-Cola, Conde Nast, BBDO, Ammirati & Puris, Burson-Marsteller, and

Real Media.

Scott frequently speaks at industry events and on college campuses about building modern brands.

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